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    Montpellier Obesity International Institute

    World reference in the fight against obesity

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    7th Sleeve Gastrectomy Consensus Summit

    October 3rd & 4th 2024, Montpellier

Montpellier Obestity International Institute

One year after its creation: the MOII is a world reference in the fight against obesity

The MOII is the result of a partnership between the Montpellier CHU, the Beau Soleil clinic, the Saint Jean 2 clinic and the Ster clinic. One year after its launch, the Montpellier Obesity International Institute (MOII) is in the process of bariatric surgery and the fight against obesity. MOII's four areas of development: Clinical, Research, Training, and Social demonstrate its commitment both locally national and international levels.

Preventing obesity worldwide

MOII is actively involved in thinking about obesity prevention on a global scale, working with MOII Research entities and the League Against Obesity. This social dimension of MOII's social dimension reflects its desire to provide sustainable solutions to global public health challenges.

This first anniversary of MOII is an opportunity to celebrate the inauguration of the MOII Research association and also to celebrate the recognition awarded to MOII Research by the French government. also to celebrate the recognition awarded by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) to the bariatric surgery team. Montpellier University Hospital's bariatric surgery team, which in June 2023 was awarded an AWARD for its work on the Nissen Sleeve.

These events illustrate not only the success of the MOII in its first year, but also the international recognition of its positive impact on the field of bariatric surgery.

Setting up an international research network

The creation of the MOII Research network this summer marks a significant step forward in the field of clinical research.

This initiative brings together ten of the world's leading teams, creating a dynamic platform for closer interaction. The synergy between the various teams promises rapid advances in the near future, with the aim of developing innovative surgery to benefit patients. The network is already considering joint research projects, which will be supported by Montpellier University Hospital.

A dynamic partnership

Training to be shared

At the heart of the MOII's clinical activities is the consolidation of a partnership between Montpellier University Hospital and the Beau Soleil clinic, the Saint Jean 2 clinic and the Ster clinic. The collaboration between the multidisciplinary teams at Montpellier University Hospital and the Beau Soleil clinic has enabled monthly multidisciplinary consultation meetings to be set up and the first operations to be carried out on the Beausoleil site.

The aim of disseminating the expertise of Professor Nocca and his team is taking shape through a number of channels, ranging from the website currently being set up to initiatives such as workshops, online video sessions, flying surgeries and international symposia.

Foreign patients on the way

The establishment of a programme for the care of foreign patients at the Clinique St Jean, training of the surgical team in new bariatric techniques has already begun. In addition, the collaboration with the Ster clinic as part of the Aurore project demonstrates the positive impact of the MOII on care coordination and patient follow-up.